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Francesca Naibo
& Luca Venitucci

Francesca Naibo
guitar, effects, voice
Luca Venitucci 
accordion, effects, voice

Francesca Naibo and Luca Venitucci create sonic architectures that overlap and intertwine; guitar and accordion move freely though minimalistic explorations with the aid of objects and electronic devices. An exciting and avanguardistic experimentation that always seeks new ways around sound, keeping us with attentive eyes and ears for the entire duration of their unprecedented performance (James Cook)

Francesca Naibo and Luca Venitucci started working as a duo in 2022. They share a common interest for the improvisation practice that goes beyond pre-established idiomatic fields while staying open to the influence of a wide range of styles and different musical genres: from free to avant-rock, from jazz to folk, from classical to experimental music.


Their approach to their respective instruments at the same time respects the tradition and opens up to the exploration of extended techniques and non-conventional attitudes. They pass through a wide spectrum of sonorities together, which juxtaposes voices to the acoustic and electrified instruments. 


Their music expresses various dimensions and qualities, passing from subtle and delicate instants between sound and silence to rhythmic moments touching rock moods. It goes from electrified noise to singable sections, from energetic vibrations to essential and suspended seconds. This music is alternately surreal and playful, lyric and elegiac.


While improvising they spontaneously go to intuitive, fluidly structured yet very clear forms, which can be considered a real example of instant composition. The presence of melodic sparks and sudden vocal parts bring their expressive world closer to that of song form.

Francesca Naibo

Francesca Naibo, guitarist from Vittorio Veneto (Italy) based in Milan, moves fluently across all the different conjugations of the guitar, from the classic, the electric, to the fretless and the pedal steel. Involved in the research for solo performance, she is focused on exploring sound in the divergent yet sonically similar fields of free improvisation, contemporary music and classical repertoire. She’s particularly interested in using both the acoustic and the electric nature of her instrument, adventuring from roaring drones till microscopic vibrations.


She studied in Venice, Milan, Bern and Basel graduating in classical guitar and free improvisation, and built collaborations with many European musicians, especially over Central and Northern Europe. She worked with important composers like Helmut Lachenmann and George Lewis and she realized the transcription of the “Exercises in Futility” by and in collaboration with Marc Ribot. Both her two solo improvisational albums, “Namatoulee“ (Aut Records, 2020) and "So much time" (Ramble Records, 2022), received enthusiastic reviews from the critics.

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Luca Venitucci

A multi-instrumentalist, improviser and composer, he has been active in the fields of new and experimental music for more than thirty years. With piano, accordion and singing he has developed a highly original expressive approach, focused on the intensity of live performance and on a variegated sound research in which extended instrumental techniques, electronic devices and unconventional sound sources are also employed.


In 1995 he co-founded the electroacoustic improvisation ensemble Ossatura, together with Fabrizio Spera and Elio Martusciello, with whom he has released several albums and toured in Europe, USA and Canada. He has also been a member of Zeitkratzer Ensemble and of other groups such as 7k Oaks with Alfred Harth and Massimo Pupillo and 300 Basses with Jonas Kocher and Alfredo Costa Monteiro. He has played and recorded with musicians and composers such as Axel Dorner, Peter Kowald, Alvin Curran, Keith Rowe, Butch Morris, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Otomo Yoshihide, Tim Hodgkinson, John Butcher, Ingar Zach, Franz Hautzinger, Radu Malfatti, Mike Cooper and many more.

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